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"Robinson's sense of timing, phrasing, form, and flow guide listeners toward his alternative vision." - Keyboard (1991)

"Robinson clearly has musical skills, and is following an iconoclastic path much like Schoenberg and Cage before him." - Gardena Valley News (1992)

"No telling where he's going to spin off to, but he's an original." - Village Voice (1994)

"Making use of alternate tunings, and blending tradition and technology, Robinson is able to transcend cultural and spiritual boundaries." - NewMusicBox (2002)

"Unique artistic voices are rare indeed, but if anyone can claim to possessing one its Michael Robinson."

"The result is a sensual music whose luscious sonorities dazzle the ear and captivate the mind." - textura (2015)


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indian jasmine



listen ~ contents

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mango-bird ~ new release! ~ review

maria improvisation


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rainbow thunder


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youtube ~ photos

new music world feature


ten questions ~




mian ki malhar




puriya dhanashri



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chinese legend


Kaunsi Kananda
kaunsi kanada







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adorned with pearl

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luminous realms


fire monkey



leonard altman: music rescuer

peridot pond ~ the spirit pool


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Trembling Flowers


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sea of france



maybe in some isle of isless

ruby soul ~ emerald anklets


A Profound Paragraph About Musicians






an indian poet writes about music

kamavardhani ~ hansadhvani

bhairavi ~ california spring







source and sorcerer

touch a color

natabhairavi ~ ramapriya

the fiddler of dooney ~ chakravaka

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monsoon clouds


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patdeep, jait, megh


ne oliveros

summer morning ~ onyx sands

pink monkey ~ pink sapphire

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snow leopard meadow






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lunar mansions