M i c h a e l ____ E r i c k ____ R o b i n o v i t z a ____ L o n g h i

a secret of listening to the music of michael erick rabinovitza longhi, which is highly original and substantive

is to allow the music to gently, slowly, smoothly, and - only when you feel prepared to do so -

enter inside YOUR OWN unique soul essence without rushing - rushing comes from the devil. Repeat, SLOW DOWN only if you're movin TOO fast.


making use of alternative tunings, and blending tradition and technology, robinson is able to transcend cultural and spiritual boundaries. (amanda macblane, newmusicbox)


very nice - swings good! it's great doing the whole thing yourself. i just go in and play, and the rest is out of my hands. (lee konitz, alto saxophonist)


robinson clearly has musical skills, and is following an iconoclastic path much like schoenberg and cage before him. (peter lefevre, gardena valley news)


there's something very special and very historically different that takes place when you have one computer and one person. (steve jobs, apple)


they're also a testament to his consummate artistry no matter what "tool" he uses, computer or piano. (hrayr attarian, all about jazz)


it’s like the best kind of garden — very organized, but with plants and flowers growing in their own profusion. (greg sandow, juilliard)


unique artistic voices are rare indeed, but if anyone can claim to possessing one its Michael Robinson. (textura)


no telling where he's going to spin off to, but he's an original. (kyle gann, village voice)


how nice to have your genius recognized. (aaron mendelsohn, the maestro foundation)


i like it. it is very musical to me. (swapan chaudhuri, tabla player)


michael robinson makes great music. (pandit jasraj, vocalist)