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One and Won

"There's something very special and very historically different that takes place when you have one computer and one person." - Steve Jobs



The three compositions above for meruvina are from my most recent album, Viridian Seas

"Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication." - Steve Jobs

U,… divine movement of viridian seas,
Peace of pastures animal-strewn, peace of calm lines
Drawn on foreheads worn with heavy alchemies;

O, supreme Trumpet, harsh with strange stridencies,
Silences traced in angels and astral designs:
O… Omega… the violet light of His Eyes!

- excerpted from "Vowels" by Arthur Rimbaud

Coincidentally, the meruvina includes software named Omega.

- Michael Robinson, December 2017, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).