Michael Robinson Writings About Music

"I enjoyed reading your words. They flowed like good music does." (Marty Morell)

"Your words and music essay is BRILLIANT and thought provoking. You, Paul Desmond and Roger Ruggeri, former principal bassist with the Milwaukee Symphony as well as wonderful composer and arts administrator are top members of my HIGH I.Q. Club." (David Amram)

"Tell him his write-ups are absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed reading them and re-listening to Bill Evan's great music!!" (Chick Corea)

"Brilliant. I was going to attempt to describe Curry as art instead of basketball, but your eloquent portrayal has left me speechless. A thousand recommends." (NY Times commenter)

"After reading several of your well reasoned, interestingly written, revelatory comments here, I would like to thank you for expanding the understanding and clarifying the limitations of Wesley Morris's piece. "God bless you please, [Mr] Robinson." And may the New York Times give a column to you one day." (NY Times commenter)

"KILLER READING!!" (Jerry Sharell)

"This is really good!" (Swapan Chaudhuri)

These writings, over 300 to date, have been quoted by Carnegie Hall and MIT publications, used for classes at NYU, CalArts and UC Berkeley, and quoted by historian Simon Schama on twitter. The Bob Dylan Archive in Oklahoma procured entire essays for their collection. An Assistant Director of Jazz Studies where Michael Robinson lectured stated these writings deserve to be compiled in books.

Writing about music is an important learning experience for myself, being part of the creative process as a composer and pianist. Hearing how others enjoy and learn from these writings is wonderful. Special thanks to Joel Chadabe, the person who originally advised me to begin writing about my recordings, gradually expanding into covering myriad aspects of music. I love doing so as part of self-realization. (Michael Robinson)

Index for writings about music by Michael Robinson



Louis Armstrong with Tillie and Mr. Karnowsky in New Orleans


Symphonic Transfiguration

Germany and Austria to America by Way of India


Scenes from Tanglewood and Central Park: Lenny, Michael and Lee


Melody of Words


Not Included In Jazz Books To Date


Incredulous Simultaneously


All Night Long


William Blake Angel and Bird


Opposing the Absence of Alternatives


The Master Speed


Incendiary Beyond Genre



The God of Rain


A True Challenge




Benny and Bird


Bespoke Music


Robindro Robinson Sitar Piano


Tantric Melismas


Not Like Before: Michael Robinson's Jazz Without Borders @ All About Jazz


We Are Our Music


Present, Past and Future


The Six


Altering Differences


Unique To Themselves


Among the Major Food Groups


A Nice Fact of Music


Approaching What May Be Daunting


Changing Perspective


With Open Mind


As Great As Anyone


Singers and Colors


Couldn't Do


It Has Been Stunning


The Only Soul Alive


Those Notable Exceptions



Raga-Like Conversations


Most In Tune


Pure Music Manna


A Momentous New Form of Modern Jazz


Manhattan and Los Angeles Inventions


Piano Like Ocean Tide Pool


Benny Goodman Is An Equally Important Influence on Lee Konitz


Amen To All Three




Sea Beatles


Piano Saptaks and Chakras


William and Francis Concur


Driving Beloved Teachers


Flowed From Their Creations


A Special Key


Improvised Translucent Mosaics


Trane's Trains


Profound Spiritual and Intellectual Love


Infinite Varieties of Shringara Rasa


Burfi and Ravi


A Tip From Clint


Two Weeks Ago


Pharoah Nights


Sonny Stitt Influencing John Coltrane


They May Be Awakened


When Count Basie Met Queen Elizabeth


Equinox and the Moonlight Sonata


Jazz Beginnings Anew


Musical Moksha For Two Dollars


Martin Perlich


Masters of Introspection


While Visiting India with his Mates


Gift From Beyond From Chadabe


The Summer Kisses


On Being Emulated


Riding Planets and Star Clusters


Melody, Harmony and Computers


Gatra Vina Presaging Pianoforte




Leonard Altman Music Tree


Something Mystical


American Alap From Hoboken, Hamlet and Crown Heights


Gathering Jazz Spirits With A Lapis Lazuli Ganesh


Ticket To Improvise




Prismatizing Standards with Jazz and Raga Amalgams, Polymodality and Equal Temperament Tuning


Slowly Melting


deLEEcatessin Konitz


The Person I Would Most Like To Meet Now


Nighttime Onyx Audience


Encouraging Words


Returning To Lester Young


Riding On His Wings: the Beatitude of Barney Bragin


Music from the Earth



He Played Like A God


Composers and Quietude


Mahler Divining Jethro Tull


The Inspirational Merritt Butrick


This Is Wine


Like So Many Birds In A Forest


Musical Older Brothers


Crossing Lines


Mathematical and Spiritual Exaltation


Standards Proving To Be A Jazz Phoenix


Gould Bringing Schoenberg To Life


On the Street of Dreams


On Losing A Piano Teacher


In the Booth with Phil Schaap


Musicians and Rooster


Jazz Jugalbandis


Winter Tale


A Visionary Digital Template


From One to One Hundred and Fifty-Five


My Baseball Record


Song of the Day - Delayed Response by Michael Robinson


Are Composers Brave?


Knight and Day: Music Before and After John Coltrane


Loving and Rerigging La Monte Young's Tuning


That Gleam That Flows With Grace: Duke Ellington and his Orchestra with Frank Sinatra


Upon Being Asked For A Tribute To Bach


Mozart Reenacted By Gould


About Saints


About A Pianist


For Joel and His Teacher


A Museum Dream


Lee Konitz Pictures on the Wall


Opposing the Absence of Alternatives


Black Connections


Momentous Counsel from Reggie Johnson


Ram Narayan


Make Waves


A Dream of Love


Well Worth Paying Attention To


The Warbler Returns


One Thing Music Offers


Missing Chick Corea


My Breath Is His Breath


Concise Discographies for 22 Artists with new commentary


Related Links for 16 Composers with new commentary


Rafa Gets It


Mel and Mel


546 Page and 59,329 Note Music Odyssey


A Demon's Leisure from Yeats


You Surrender Yourself




From Sea of France to Morning-Star: Missing Discreet Music with Dean Suzuki


With George: George Harrison and Michael Robinson


Next To A Mountain: Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha


Myself and Two Contemporaries


Meeting Morton Feldman


My Heroes


Thank You


Ushering at Carnegie Hall


Year of the Monkey 1920: Ravi Shankar, Charlie Parker and Dave Brubeck


My Found Sounds


What I Did


Genesis of A Musical Form


Always New


Song for Now


Occasionally Coveted


First Music Teacher


Dutch-Born Shining in Maui


An Indian Poet Writes About Music


My New Second-Favorite Song


[21] by dublab


Nights Beyond Forgetting


His Wisdom


Sorely Needed


Embedded Forest Leaves


Coincidences Abounding


A Prayer


It's Mine: Buoyed by Grainger, Wild & Stravinsky


Always Within and Never Without You


Economy of Fecund Notes


Just Amazing


Infinite Exploration


Rushing Comes From the Devil


Labor Day Thoughts on Clavichord, Piano, Chess and Raga


A Dream of Love


September Response


Angel Glow


Unforgettable Epiphany


Wildly Enthralled


What John Cage Was Really Getting At


Incarnation of Stockhausen Zodiac Timbre


In Memoriam Pandit Jasraj


Patelson's Crossroads


Refined Resplendence: Johnny Magnus


Time Enveloped By Ether


Beyond Cool


Frank Sinatra Reveals the Secret of Music


Replying Symbolically


Roll Over Nancarrow


Welcome Inclusion


When Listening


First Album Resurrection


Pointers Becoming An Appreciation


Continually Fascinated


Love Stands Still


Robindro-Robinson Dream


Meruvina Music Archeology


Remembering Peter


Counting Konitz Letters


Took A Look Around


Heavenly In Its Brilliance


Watts and Decibels


Building on Foundations of Freedom


Indu and Indra


Bird Flight Meruvina Nirvana


Beatles Curry


Haridas and Shivkumar


Ideas Igor Imparted


Harpsichord and Indonesian Skin Drums


Crossing A Time-Color Desert


Konitz Coin Ring


Clint Eastwood and Music


The Magic of A Liberated Sound




Harmony of Elements


Rasa Mining


Melody of Words for Bob Dylan


He Was A Music Titan: Lee Konitz


Apples and Origins




A Momentous 'Round Midnight


Bill Withers


Sinatra and Sleep


Presenting An Evolution


Meeting Mitzi


With the Beatles


On Being Asked To Listen To The Berlin Philharmonic


Minerals, Gemstones and Music


Another Direction For Jazz


Louis Prima and John Coltrane By Way of Benny Goodman


McCoy Tyner


Tenor Madness


A Bird Outside


Chess Not Checkers


What's Key


Evolution of Western Music


Composer Morning Hair and A Painter


Encompassing Composition


Dmitri's Drive


Ludwig's Precision


I'll Take Larry


Year of the Monkey 1920: Ravi Shankar, Charlie Parker and Dave Brubeck



Allowing My Thoughts


Thelonious and Allen Reflect


With Three Teachers: Steve Reich, Zakir Hussain & Lee Konitz


An Email From Ravi Shankar


So What


Don and George Thanksgiving


Invisible Living Clay


Vocal-Lee: Lee Konitz Sings Jazz Standards


Momentous Phrase Moment


Thank You, Bill


Eyes of Night: Sinatra Does Tangerine


One Dot World: Eleanor Academia


Ted Gioia New Music Recommendation: Spirit Lady


Meeting Manzarek


Invitation To Hear My Thoughts


Potent Memories


I Do, Too


Glad To Learn


Nightclub Dream


Post-Music: SWALLOWED BY THE SKY (textura)


Above the World: Manhattan in June with Lee


How High the Moon: Eliot Zigmund and Bill Evans


The Musician's Show featuring Michael Robinson


Imagined and Deployed


Beetle and Beatle


Two Worlds At Once


The Summer Kisses


Seeds from Uday and Robindro


Earl and Conlon


Dark Star Reborn


Azure Pure


Syntactical Acclimatization


Jazz Swim


Awesome Christina


Creation-Recording Zeitgeist


Spiritual Entreaties


Coltrane Was Being Candid


The Feeling Is Mutual


Gift of a Lifetime from Earl Wild


Setting the Bar High




Maihar Gharana @ textura 


Over Chicken Soup


Sea Changes




Often Astonished


Sharing A Paragraph With Brian Jones




Priceless Musical Gems


Overcoming: Don Shirley


Setting Sail


Divine Influence: Anindo Chatterjee


Kindly Grasshopper


For My Teacher, Leonard Bernstein, On His 100th Birthday!


A Song Born For Me


Neil and Jack


Pretty Funny, Actually


Joe Nails It


A Vision In Rainbow


Rev. John Garcia Gensel


Whole Lotta Tabla


Protean Polyphony Polynesia


People Tapestry


Red Coffee Cup


Beyond Forgetting: Stan Getz Ascends




Two-Part Inventiveness


Spring and Spring


Wisdom From the Beatles


Pastures of Plenty


Coexistence Equation




Jazz Beyond Jazz


How Music Relates


Riders On the Storm


Melody of Rhythm: Ravi and Dmitri


A Trance of Relaxation


Voyage of Life


From A Danish Princess to Winter Fantasy


Simply Put


And Now She's In Me, Always With Me


Vision-Mathematical Music




Blue Rainbow Art @ textura 


One and Won


Maria Improvisation


Equally Precious


Together They Make Music


The Sounds of Music


Sing Me A Song


Genie Genre


Velvet Air


Sensational Supersessions


Equally Different


Aural Memory


Magical Times


Flavored Sound


Concord Columbo


From Claude To Charles


Crucial Crossroad


Tatum Revelations


The Party Line


Dizzying Art


Source and Sorcerer


Natural Music


Meruvina: Composition and Performance Coalesce


The Greatest Composer


Origins of Music


Gently Waking


His Has I Me Mine Ours


Red Licorice


Climbing Rocks and Colored Stones


Exemplars from Konitz and Tristano by Way of India


Under Jakaranda-Tinted Skies


Driving with Pandit Jasraj


Purposeful Placement


Symphonic Transfiguration


Music Brewing


Pulchritudinous Brewers


Raga and Soul


Apollonic Radiance


Mozart and Mockingbirds


Tree Music


John Lennon's Musical Intuition


Triad and Triads


Sounds from Silence


Music Out of This World


Malleable Music Maze


Before His Time




Foods of the World @ textura


Familiar Flourish


Moon Necklaces


A Stranger Nobody Sees


Gadd's Glow


Refracting Musical Light Through Time and Place




A Musical Hypothesis: Liberace and Bill Evans


One Nature of Collaboration


Promised Land


Our Collective Solitude and Beyond


Shakti's Chanteuse: Joni Mitchell


Nautical Moccasin Elusive Blues


Eagle Rock


Thoughts So Sublime: Helen Vendler Invents


Allen and William and James


Jerry and Buddy


Jaded Juggarnauts


Keeping the History of Jazz Real


Manhattan Riches


Cajoling the Stormy Sea


Phantom Puppet Poetry: Vladimir's Vicissitudes




A Massive Bedrock


Two Not One and Sacking A Miscue


Astonishing Auditory Auteur: Silence Is Emboldened


The Life of Thought


Jackie's Jazz


Sea Turtles and Prince


Breakfast with Frank


Alone Together


Gratitude for Pierre Boulez


Steph Curry, the Prophet of Basketball


Songs by a Malibu Musician Saint


Transpicuous Nebulosity


This Mild Equator


Wooden Ships


The Sun of Music


Music of Reflexive Adjusts


Moving Past




For Tangerines, Oranges and Mangos @ textura


Luminous Ecstasy: the Music of Bill Evans


Beyond the Crowd: Lee Konitz


Beethoven's Blog


The Forgotten Pot


When a Negative Brews a Positive


Painting Raga Composition Junction


Rapturous Resonance: Phil Lives


Janis Joplin and the Houseguest


California Dreamers


I'm Getting Sentimental Over You Unsentimentally


Manhattan Smoke and Miracle Mile Incense


Six Seas: Conlon, Charles, Claude, Charlie, Chick and Chirico


Deciphering Desmond


Mesmeric Mantra Enchants Even Ravens


Sinatra and Shiva: Unexpected Connections Abound in Music


Deploying Energy: About Composition


Pristine Atmospheres: the Music of Dizzy Gillespie


Land of Pancakes: Walking Miracle Mile and More


Finding Nazir: The Precious Generosity of Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy




Mas que Nada @ textura


White Jade Floating: Time in Music


Into a Newborn Day: Words Inspiring Jazz


You Say Hindustani I Say North Indian - Let's Call the Whole Thing woOff and warp


Silhouetted by the Sea: Bob Dylan in Mississippi


Transcendental Consolidation: The Music of Stan Getz


Indian Summer in Forests of Azure: Time and Thyme with Ray Manzarek


Two of a Kind: Bob Dylan and Charlie Parker


Leonard Altman: Music Rescuer


Beginning Composition


Music for Rain




Bird and Dizzy's Music Blitzkrieg: the Influence of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie


President of the Cool


Lips and Music Wed: Songstress Judy Collins


Reconstructing Ratzo's Reflexivity


Seraphic Surge: Conguero Poncho Sanchez


Batiked by an Apsara: Catharine Buchanan


Decoding a Bacchus from Bonn and a Visionary from Varanasi: Ludwig van Beethoven, Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao


That Rhythm Dance You Into Sunlight: The Music of Michael Jackson


Conflagrating Rag and Tal: Jackie McLean and Jack DeJohnette


Ethereal Ebony: The Majesty of Red Garland


Human Counterpoint: The Music of NBA Basketball


Advocating Ad: The Paintings of Ad Reinhardt


Lee and Leonard: Konitz Figures In West Side Story




East West Side Story: Ravi Shankar and Leonard Bernstein


Wellspring of Joy: Rollan Masciarelli


The Doors


Stupendous in Invention


Light the night: The Music of Laura Nyro


Mellifluous Marv: Homage to Marv Albert


The Preeminence of Winter: Johnny Winter


Three Suns: Swapan, Anindo and Zakir




The Search For A New Instrument




Michael Robinson, John Cage and Digital Music


Fence Sounds


Saptaka Sea: Sailing In The Melakartas of Karnatica


Sam Cooke: The Mystery of the Beatles' Musical Origin Solved




Meruvina: Composition and Performance Coalesce




Shivkumar Sharma: Spiritual High




Charukeshi In Lahaina: An Evening With George Harrison


Pandit Jasraj: The Perfect Notes


Zakir Hussain: The Instrument Is Alive


Composing With the Raga Form and Technology




Ali Ahmad Hussain: Weaving A Cosmic Rug




What Is A Raga?




Shivkumar Sharma: Painting With Mallets and Strings


Lee Konitz: The Miracle of Improvising






Special thanks to Joel Chadabe for suggesting writing liner notes for my albums, subsequently expanded to addressing myriad music subjects.