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The right column below is the complete 138 album discography in reverse chronological order.

The left column below repeats the main category links above along with subcategory links and selections from the many Writings.'.

Below the main category links on the homepage are albums represented as planets and/or by name together with subcategory links and selections from Writings.


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2018 albums: ~nectar-spells ~mango-bird ~mystic toy

stars and rainbows upcoming release! ~

about michael ~ about the meruvina twenty-three 2018 albums with music from 1984 to 1989!
wikipedia page 2017 albums: ~ lilac dawn ~ viridian seas
stream/buy albums 2016 album: celestial crocodile and honu morning
compositions ~ autograph scores 2015 albums: ~ moonrise and rain-mist ~ rajasthani spring
writings about music ~ lectures 2014 albums: ~ the spirit pool ~ hummingbird canyon
youtube ~ photos 2013 albums: ~lucknow shimmer ~lahaina lanterns
press 2012 albums: ~ the fiddler of dooney ~ emerald anklets
contact nightmarchers ~ ruby soul
ten questions 2011 albums: ~ amethyst labrinth ~ carnelian compass
dublab guest sessions peridot pond ~ onyx sands
autobiography forty-three 2010 albums!
baker's biographical dictionary of musicians 2005-2009 albums: ~ darbari kanada ~ todi ~ natabhairavi
new music world feature yaman ~nat narayan ~vachaspati ~shankara
music and the earth contributer 2003 albums: ~dhani ~ mian ki malhar
charukeshi in lahaina: an evening with george harrison 2002 albums: ~charukeshi ~gangadhara ~puriya dhanashri
interviews with indian masters 2001 albums: ~bhimpalasi ~rageshri
lee konitz interview: the miracle of improvising 2000 albums: ~kaunsi kanada ~kirvani ~bairagi
faq patdeep, jait and megh ~madhamad sarang
meruvina: composition and performance coalesce dark yellow ~night of fire ~polynesian woman
composing with the raga form and technology snow and wood ~purple and brown ~the lotus girl
composer list the abode of joy ~the abode of snow
fifteen questions the jewel treasure of the ocean ~polynesian woman
select discographies 1999 albums: ~jaunpuri ~astral palace ~bhoop
leonard altman: music rescuer indian ocean ~robinson gardens
decoding a bacchus from bonn north africa ~photosynthesis ~the forest
finding nazir 1998 albums: ~sagarmatha ~nagamani ~luminous realms
land of pancakes lunar mansions ~snow leopard meadow
simply put monsoon clouds ~the listening earth
conflagrating rag and tal 1997 albums: ~chinese legend ~indian jasmine
transcendental consolidation 1996 albums: ~rainbow thunder ~adorned with pearl
a musical hypothesis 1995 albums: ~hamoa ~tendrils ~touch a color ~ topaz
spiritual high 1994 album: fire monkey
into a newborn day 1991 album: trembling flowers
wellspring of joy  
indian summer in forests of azure  
priceless musical gems